Apartment Complexes

Autonomous Concierge for Apartment Residents

Apartment complex residents value peace of mind, availability and security when it comes to things on their shopping list. Cartable solution delivers on all these fronts. It offers secure product pickup via digital lockers in an autonomous store to apartment complexes and mid-size buildings.

Differentiate your apartment complex with autonomous popup retail as a service for your residents.

Cartable is Your Autonomous Concierge

Deliver Convenience

  • 24×7 availability of products.
  • Industrial level security and safety features.
  • Convenience of order pick up at any time.

Hassle Free Deployment

  • Pop-up shops are easy to install.
  • Seamlessly integrate into the existing architecture.
  • Are staff less and offer a high level of movement flexibility.

Offer Peace of Mind

  • Automated product replenishment.
  • Staff less with a fully automated store on wheels.
  • New level of convenience for apartment residents.

Convenience and Security Engages Residents

Differentiate your apartment complex with autonomous popup retail as a service.

Safe Delivery

Provide an autonomous concierge for your residents at your apartment complex.

Safe Pick-up

Secure the last mile, increase your support for your residents, and, most importantly, their perception of your apartment complex.
Is Your Complex Cartable?

Staff-less and Secure

Cartable enables autonomous personal commerce and pickup at any location.

Always Open & Always Safe

No doorman or concierge to accept delivery of your resident's packages? Provide a staff-less and secure autonomous popup locker system that your resident's can confidently and safety pick-up their packages from, 24x7.


Cartable: CX Series Autonomous Storefronts

CX20 Storefront

https://vimeo.com/384370492https://vimeo.com/384634677https://vimeo.com/384637225 Get CartableTM Previous Next CX20 Get CartableTM The CX20 is a 20ft. Popup Autonomous Retail as a Service solution that enables businesses and organizations …

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Cartable Setup & Relocation

Setup a new mobile autonomous storefront at any location to sell a wide variety of product types and offer new pick-up locations to your customers.

Marketing & Merchandising

Cartable can help you define and target your customers with actionable analytics to engage your customers with the right message and campaign.


Learn more about your existing and potential customers. Retain your customers and drive sales by providing the right products at the right locations.


Capture the attention of your customers where they frequent with an on brand popup autonomous storefront. Customize your Cartable with your brand.

Financial Reporting

Cartable financial reporting provides valuable insights to enact continual iterations and improvements, targeting where to invest your time and focus.

Inventory & Order Management

Secure the last mile with precise on demand delivery. Provide 24x7 access and never be out-of-stock with Cartable's AI inventory and order management.

Inventory Replenishment

Cartable AI tracks order history by customer and location, providing data-driven replenishment deliveries and customer replenishment alerts.


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Is Your Business Cartable?

Popup Autonomous Retail as a Service