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White-glove Storefront Setup and Relocation lets You Focus on Your Customers.
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Whether your Cartable storefront is brand new or needs a new venue, we’ve got you covered.

Since Cartable storefronts offer the convenience of hard-wired, generator-based, or self-contained solar-powered options, it’s easier than ever to popup a storefront wherever and whenever you want with the flexibility to rapidly relocate the storefront when desired.

Cartable’s white-glove setup and installation service handle the configuration, delivery, setup, and testing of your new storefront. All you do is tell us what you need, where you need it, and when, we handle the rest.

Once your Cartable storefront is in place, you have the option to relocate on an ad-hoc basis or a pre-set schedule, depending on your needs. We even offer an express relocation option (where available) for when an urgent need arises.

Our goal is to ensure your storefronts are available to your customers when and where they need them. You can trust our setup and relocation services to make that happen.

Target Your Customers

Ultimate Convenience

  • Be where your customers are 24×7.
  • Flexible placement maximizes convenience.
  • Event-based installations move to where your customers have a need.

Unprecedented Flexibility

  • Deliver your brand experience at any location.
  • Fast and easy deployment with the products your customers are seeking.
  • Use analytics to anticipate demand and be where your customers expect you to be.

Actionable Analytics

  • We handle the logistics and setup so you can focus on your customers.
  • Automated storefronts, strategically placed, can eliminate the need to staff after-hours resources.
  • Ability to schedule relocation events in advance means your storefront arrives on time without additional work or worry.

Ultimate Convenience

True touchless white-glove setup lets you decide when, where, and what will be offered while we handle the logistics and installation.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Cartable will move your storefronts to where customers need them the most with our ad-hoc or scheduled relocation services. Perfect for events, special promotions, and more...

Actionable Analysis

Is one storefront performing better than another? We can help you leverage data to relocate underperforming stores to higher-performing locations.

Industry Solutions

Cartable | Convenience Stores
Industry Solutions

Convenience Stores

C-stores today have challenges on multiple fronts right from capturing consumer attention, maintaining sales to the onslaught of growing number of online shopping options …

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Cartable | Apartment Complexes
Industry Solutions

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complex residents value peace of mind, availability and security when it comes to things on their shopping list. Cartable solution delivers on all …

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Cartable | Construction & Industrial
Industry Solutions

Construction & Industrial

Construction and industrial companies often face loss of productivity when they cannot provide the product and supplies at the right time at the right …

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Cartable | Grocery
Industry Solutions

Retailers: Grocery

In today’s digital era of 1 day delivery customers prioritize convenience, availability, and assortment over anything else. With only about 3% of total revenue …

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Cartable | Retailers
Industry Solutions

Retailers: Other

Demands of the modern shopper, as well as advancements in the technology, are the key drivers on how the retail industry is embracing change. …

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Cartable | Military
Industry Solutions


Rapidly deploy your store to your soldiers anytime and anywhere. Autonomous commerce can increase sales, the volume of inventory tracked and provided to soldiers, …

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Cartable | Universities
Industry Solutions


Millennials and Gen Z are predisposed to use of technology and self-service model to prioritize convenience while shopping. Cartable provides a solution that fits …

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Cartable | Sports & Events
Industry Solutions

Sports & Events

Fans and event attendees are your best brand advocates, ready to convert. Fans are quick to support your brand, their favorite team, or cause, …

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Cartable: CX Series Autonomous Storefronts

CX20 Storefront Get CartableTM Previous Next CX20 Get CartableTM The CX20 is a 20ft. Popup Autonomous Retail as a Service solution that enables businesses and organizations …

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