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Engage a Captive Audience at any Event with Autonomous Storefronts

Fans and event attendees are your best brand advocates, ready to convert. Fans are quick to support your brand, their favorite team, or cause, and they are ready to support your brand with their wallets if you present the right product to them at the right time and correct event.

Cartable popup autonomous retail as a service will provide your sports fans and event attendees with the convenience, personalized assortment, and unique featured products they demand.

Bring Your Store to
Your Fans

Differentiate as a Brand

  • Time your merchandising campaigns and promotions to target key events.
  • Bring your store to your customers at any event.
  • Sell directly at your events with Cartable’s popup autonomous mobile store.

Create New Revenue Opportunities

  • Tie up with events/ concerts and explore co-branding opportunities that can provide meaningful interactions with fan community.
  • Leverage Cartable Van interactive tools to engage fans/ audience.
  • Run loyalty programs right at the event venue.

Add Multi Channel Capability

  • Use Cartable as a mobile experience store if your have only online capability.
  • Launch new products and test markets using the autonomous self service store.
  • Allow fans/customers to experience products at their convenient place and time.

Convenience Engages Customers

Help your fans and event attendees avoid long lines at the concession stands, offer mobile popup shops on their way into the stadium or convention hall.

Convert Foot-traffic into Sales

Go beyond event promotion; bring your store to your customers at any event with Cartable's popup autonomous retail as a service.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

Fans and event attendees are your brand advocates, ready to convert. They are ready to support your brand with their wallets.
Is Your Event Cartable?

Track + Test + Target

Leverage Cartable's actionable analytics to track customer's behavior, test new SKUs and target your customer segments accurately.​

Convert Your Customers

Capture your customers when they are ready to convert. Provide convenient and accessible popup autonomous retail.


Cartable: CX Series Autonomous Storefronts

CX20 Storefront Get CartableTM Previous Next CX20 Get CartableTM The CX20 is a 20ft. Popup Autonomous Retail as a Service solution that enables businesses and organizations …

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Cartable Setup & Relocation

Setup a new mobile autonomous storefront at any location to sell a wide variety of product types and offer new pick-up locations to your customers.

Marketing & Merchandising

Cartable can help you define and target your customers with actionable analytics to engage your customers with the right message and campaign.


Learn more about your existing and potential customers. Retain your customers and drive sales by providing the right products at the right locations.


Capture the attention of your customers where they frequent with an on brand popup autonomous storefront. Customize your Cartable with your brand.

Financial Reporting

Cartable financial reporting provides valuable insights to enact continual iterations and improvements, targeting where to invest your time and focus.

Inventory & Order Management

Secure the last mile with precise on demand delivery. Provide 24x7 access and never be out-of-stock with Cartable's AI inventory and order management.

Inventory Replenishment

Cartable AI tracks order history by customer and location, providing data-driven replenishment deliveries and customer replenishment alerts.


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Is Your Business Cartable?

Popup Autonomous Retail as a Service